• Team building activities for adults are just as important as team building activities for teens or kids.
  • Some of the best team building activities for adults include team games, puzzle solving, brainstorming, scavenger hunts, and more.
  • Choose Shiloh Adventures for your next venue in OKC for team building activities for adults.

Every team within an organization or company should always be looking for ways to improve their teamwork and communication skills. Team building activities are the perfect way to let everyone take a break from work, and have some fun together in a unique setting. There are so many different types of team building activities that are specifically designed to help adults improve in everything from problem solving to just getting to know each other better.

What Are Adult Team Building Activities?

Team building activities are a major contributor to increased workplace productivity and efficiency. Team building is not just about bringing a group of people together, it’s all about creating an environment where everyone can collaborate in a fun and challenging way. Team building activities range from simple group games to more challenging and complex activities. The goal of team building activities is to help foster connections between adults so that they can work more comfortably together in a professional setting.

How Are Adult & Children’s Team Building Activities Different?

While there are a variety of team building activities that cater to all ages, there are also team building activities that are better suited for adult groups rather than child groups. Children’s team building activities are not too challenging, and are designed to help them grow and mature into adults. Meanwhile, adult team building activities focus more on complex problem solving and developing professional communication skills. While it can be fun to engage in team building activities for all ages, it will be much more fun and effective to plan activities that fit the age range of the participants.

Why Team Building Activities For Adults Are Important

Team building activities for adults are not only a lot of fun for everyone, but provide a lot of benefits to the participants and the organization as a whole. One of the most basic benefits of participating in team building activities is that everyone gets the opportunity to get to know each other better. Through fun and challenging activities they will also build a sense of camaraderie and trust. Team building activities gives participants the ability to realize how important their role is in the entire group, and how important it is to work well independently and as a team.

10 Best Team Building Activities For Adults

As previously mentioned, team building activities can be as simple as a board game or puzzle, or as challenging and complex as a ropes course! The best team building activities are the ones that not only force participants to put their heads together to solve problems, but also let everybody have a blast! Below we will outline ten of the best team building activities for adults.

  1. Solving A Puzzle

When you think of solving puzzles as a team building activity, completing a word puzzle or a physical puzzle might come to mind. While those can be fun and effective team building activities, there are also more exciting activities like escape rooms which can up the challenge factor. If an outdoor activity is more your style, consider something like bringing your group together to untie a giant tangled and knotted rope!

  1. Brainstorming

Brainstorming can be a fun team building activity that translates directly into improved workplace synergy. Try bringing everyone together to create an idea board where everyone shares and discusses ideas. Getting everyone’s feedback, and allowing everyone to feel comfortable giving is essential. If you are having trouble with that, try doing something like Fist to Five, where everyone puts in an idea, and then the rest of the group rates the idea one to five. Everyone can then discuss their point of view in a friendly manner. The main idea with brainstorming is to find unique and new solutions to unusual and niche problems through more collaboration and helpful criticism.

  1. Building Games

You might think that building games would all be for children, but there are actually plenty of fun and beneficial building activities! You can split up your group into small teams, and challenge them to build or create something huge. Then put everyone’s creations up against each other in the ultimate test of friendly competition. There are countless different things that you can have your groups build that will help them work together to create something beautiful!

  1. Team Games 

There are a variety of games and activities that put your whole team through a fun but challenging event. Team building games can be more simple and intimate, like the classic game Silent Lineup, where everyone has to try to line up in order of their birth month without talking. Team games can also be much more adventurous. You can always bring everyone outdoors for a game of sports. For even more fun, try putting everyone through a ropes course! Ropes courses are a fun and easy way to put everyone through a fun challenge that will help foster communication and teamwork.

  1. Circle Games

Circle games are games that benefit from everyone standing in a circle so everyone can see everyone else. There are a variety of games you can do in this manner, including Count to 20. In this game, people take turns counting up to 20, but if two people say a number at the same time, they have to start over! You can also try games like Cross the Circle, a compliment circle, or Name Juggling, which all offer simple yet fun ways to help your team get to know each other better.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way for your team, in either small groups or as a whole, to work together to find hidden or difficult to find people, places, or things. Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt. Whether it’s in the office or outside in the wild! Putting together a scavenger hunt out in nature is a great way to get everyone outdoors and involved in a fun team building activity.

  1. Lunch & Learn

The goal of a team building activity is to unlock the hidden talent and potential that is already in your team. A lunch and learn is a great opportunity to let someone not only display one of their talents, but teach everyone else how to do it! The great thing about a lunch and learn is that it can be done during a lunch break either during the work day, or as part of a full day of team building activities.

  1. Volunteering

Team building activities can extend beyond fun games and activities. Your team can also heavily benefit from taking part in volunteering for local charities and causes. Not only does your team get to help their community in a real way, but they also get the opportunity to build trust and solve problems.

  1. Trust Games

Fostering trust is one of the most important aspects of team building activities. Participating in a trust game is a perfect way to ensure that your team is learning to trust each other in a fun and challenging environment. A trust game can be simple like the Trust Battery Game, or creating cards that outline the best characteristics or aspects associated with trust. Other types of trust games include outdoor activities like trust falls, or for a true challenge, you can try taking a leap of faith off of a 30 ft tall faith pole!

  1. Activity Courses

Everybody loves getting outdoors to participate in some fun and challenging activity courses. Split your team up into small groups, or have them traverse the perilous courses together as a team. From the high ropes and the safer low ropes, to rock climbing and ziplining, there are so many fun and exciting activities that your whole group can participate in! Outdoor activity courses are perfect for building trust and communication skills between everyone as they help each other make it across the various courses.

Choose Shiloh Adventures To Host Team Building Events For Adults

If you are looking for the perfect place to plan the perfect day of team building activities, look no further than Shiloh Adventures! We have a beautiful outdoor area for team building exercises for adults that features a lot of the activities mentioned above. In addition, we have multiple indoor and outdoor facilities that are perfect for hosting team building games and luncheons. If you are ready to start planning your team building getaway in the heart of OKC, start by visiting our website to learn more about our facilities and available activities. We look forward to helping you curate the perfect day of team building activities at Shiloh Adventures!

Looking to help your team become stronger? Check out the team building exercises provided by Shiloh Adventures in OKC. Our outdoor adventure course is packed full of activities that are designed to be fun and foster team building. Our camp leaders have helped build stronger teams of all types from corporate companies to local youth groups. Team building doesn’t happen by accident and we are happy to provide a fun space for the team building you need. Give us a call today to learn more about how Shiloh Adventures can strengthen your team.

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