Adventure Course Packages

Team Building Experiences Tailored To Your Group

Every group visit is tailored to meet the leader’s goals and needs for their event. Our staff will assist you with choosing the right package and elements for your event. Our Adventure Guides prepare low course activities based on your team’s dynamics, abilities, and desired outcomes.

All ropes retreats include team debrief sessions that are facilitated by trained staff. Ropes retreats can include time for lunch/dinner/snack, team meetings, and more.

Choose between packages that fit your schedule, price range, and goals.

Low Course Event 

(Up to 2 1/2 Hours)

Focus on team development, communication, trust, and more

No high elements included

1/2 Day Event

(3 Hours)

Low course and one high element of your choice (Zip Line, Climbing Wall, or Faith Pole)

3/4 Day Event 

(Up to 5 Hours)

Low course and two high elements of your choice (Zip Line, Climbing Wall, or Faith Pole)

Full Day Event 

(Up to 6 Hours)

Low course and three high elements (Zip Line, Climbing Wall, and Faith Pole)

U-Course Event 

(Up to 5 Hours)
Ages 14+

Each participant will face the various challenges of the course with the support of a partner. With a series of 5 elements 35 feet off the ground, the U-Course is designed to test the limits of even the most skilled Adventurers

Want to learn more?

Read commonly asked questions about the Shiloh Adventure Course.

Booking Your Event

Please contact the Shiloh Adventure Course (405-858-7011 or to discuss your tailored ropes retreat. A deposit is required to secure a ropes retreat event date and is based on a first come, first serve basis of when the deposit is received.

Ropes retreats require a minimum of 15 participants. Your organization can choose to participate with less than the minimum 15 participates, but will be charged for 15 participants. 

A non-refundable deposit is required to secure a ropes retreat event date. All ropes retreat event dates are based on a first come, first serve basis of when the deposit is received. The non-refundable deposit will be credited toward the final payment balance. Deposits will only be refunded if the ropes retreat event cancellation is made by the Shiloh Adventure Course.​

We recommend that all participants bring a refillable water bottle. Water spigots are available for use. Organizations can also choose to bring bottled water for their participants. Food is not provided to participants, but can be brought or catered in for your event.

Complementary water and meal package options are available for corporate ropes event retreats only.


Everyone present at a Shiloh Adventure Course event must have a completed and signed release form. This includes anyone not planning on participating in ropes course elements, but still present during the event. If a participate is under 18, this form must be signed by a parent/guardian.​

Those who are pregnant, have a heart condition, have had recent surgery, or are unable to fit the harness, may not be allowed to participate in high element activities. Participation will be determined by a trained and certified facilitator.

Ropes retreats are led by trained and certified facilitators. All facilitators are required to participate in training and demonstrate competencies annually. 

All participants will wear a helmet, a harness and be attached to ropes for all high elements. ​

Event Policies

All ropes retreat must be rescheduled one (1) week prior to the original scheduled date. Please contact us to make arrangements for a new date. ​

All ropes retreats must be canceled one (1) week prior to the original scheduled date. Any events canceled after this deadline will be subject to a fee. Please contact us as soon as possible to cancel your event.

Any ropes retreat that is cancelled late or results in a no show will be subject to a fee.

In cases of severe or unsafe weather predictions/conditions, you must contact us to discuss options of postponing or rescheduling your event. Failure to contact us could result in a late cancellation fee or no show fee. ​

Severe weather and/or lightning during a ropes retreat event can cause delays or cancellation at any time during the event.