Team Building Activities

Exciting Team Building Activities With Shiloh Adventures

Get your team outside to explore the great outdoors and grow closer together with a fun filled day at Shiloh Adventures! Experience 40 acres of lush greenery in the heart of OKC that is packed with exhilarating and challenging activities designed to help your team build their communication, trust, and problem solving skills.

Leave The Team Building Event Planning To Us

You can expect to take full advantage of our exciting outdoor facilities with the option of using one of our trained and certified team building facilitators. They will work with you to help you plan the perfect day of team building activities at Shiloh Adventures. They can also fully curate an entire day of team building experiences, so you can focus on enjoying all of the adventures with your team.

Team Building Facilities

We are proud to offer beautiful facilities for you and your team to take advantage of while enjoying team building activities at Shiloh Adventures. Each facility offers a unique experience and there are plenty of included activities that are perfect for adding a bit of extra fun to your team building itinerary! 



If you want to include any sort of indoor activities or events during your team building event, we offer a well equipped multiplex with a few unique spaces for you to utilize. The main building features an indoor space that is cooled and can be configured in a variety of ways. Attached to the indoor conference space is a covered area that can be used as a basketball court, or can have tables set up to create an outdoor event space. Surrounding the main building is a variety of outdoor activities that you will have access to like a sand volleyball pit and outdoor hiking trails.

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

In addition to all of the exciting outdoor activities, Shiloh Adventures also provides well equipped and flexible conference rooms to complete your team building itinerary. You can enjoy a covered or outdoor space with plenty of fresh air. Or during the hotter days, we also offer conference spaces indoors with air conditioning and other helpful amenities. We offer a space for nearly every kind of event or meeting you need to fully complete your team building experience.

Lower Camp Amphitheater

Lower Camp Amphitheater

Looking for a relaxing outdoor space to hold a meeting or serve as the home base for a day of team building activities? The Lower Camp Amphitheater is a perfect venue for you. Surrounded by lush greenery, this space also includes access to activities like a sand volleyball court and a gaga ball pit. Amenities like an outdoor grill and ice machine are available as well.

Types Of Events

Shiloh Adventures offers exciting outdoor activities for all types of explorers. From the five different ropes activities, to the other experiences like fishing, and archery, there is truly something for everyone.

Ropes Activities



Take an exhilarating ride as you fly 300 feet through the air. You can take the journey solo or with up to three friends for a great opportunity to build trust and communication within your team.

Faith Pole

Faith Pole

Are you ready to take a leap of faith? Climb up 30 feet off of the ground and jump off with nothing but a harness, and a lot of faith! What better way to help facilitate trust and confidence between your team members than to let them encourage each other to take the heart pounding jump.

High Ropes Course

High Ropes Course

You and your team must work together to traverse the perilous and exciting ropes course. With 6 different elements, 35 feet off the ground, your team will have the opportunity to solve problems and build trust in order to successfully navigate the course. This experience is designed to test the limits of even the most skilled and seasoned adventurers.

Low Ropes Course

Low Ropes Course

Looking for something a little less perilous, but all the more fun? The low ropes course is a set of curated activities specially designed to help your team solve problems, improve their communication, and grow together. This activity is a great way to naturally facilitate leadership and teamwork, all while everyone is having a blast!

Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall

Can you reach the top of this challenging course with the support of your team? Our climbing wall is designed to be a fun adventure that helps your team encourage each other and solve problems together as a team.

Additional Team Building Activities

In addition to our main attractions for team building, Shiloh Adventures offers other activities to foster team building. See what other fun you can have while at our beautiful facility.


Who can hit the bullseye first? Archery is not only a fun outdoor activity, but it can also serve as a great way to bring your team together. Archery is the perfect place to start a healthy competition, and allow your employees to form teams and cooperate to stay on target.


Take your team out on the water for a relaxing boating experience. You can also engage in fishing on our beautiful pond. This is the perfect opportunity for your team to not only learn a thing or two about fishing, but also each other as they work together and have fun!


Engage your team with your own mini fishing tournament at our catch and release fishing pond. Junior’s Pond is stocked with fish to catch, if your team can catch them.

Reservation Fees

Our facility usage fee structure allows for you to plan the perfect team building event for the size and time constraints of your team! You can choose anywhere from one to all five of the ropes courses, or reserve one of our other experiences like archery or fishing. We host a variety of activities and offer them at affordable prices to allow for a variety of adventures to experience our outdoor experiences.

Event Space Reservation Options

Upper Camp Multiplex

Facility Reservation: Half Day (Up to 4 Hours)  Includes use of multiplex building, restrooms, and commercial kitchen.

Facility Reservation: Full Day (Up to 8 Hours)  Includes use of multiplex building, restrooms, and commercial kitchen.

Facility Add-Ons

  • A/V Package
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Additional Reservation Hours

Lower Camp Amphitheater

Facility Reservation (Up to 6 Hours)

Includes use of Corral, Amphitheater, Lawn, Game Room Restroom, Gaga Pit, Grill*, and Ice Machine (Little Well House).

Playing Fields Package

Use of Football Field, Gaga Ball Pit, and Event Center Restrooms.

Inquire About Facility Reservations

Are you ready to start planning a unique outdoor team building activity? Fill out the adjacent form and give us some more information about what you’re looking for. One of our experienced event planners will respond shortly, and help you begin to plan the ultimate experience at Shiloh Adventures!