• Team building is a crucial part of cultivating healthy relationships within the workplace, within groups, and other organizations.
  • The four goals of a successful team building activity are an overall improvement of communication between team members, critical thinking skills, problem solving as a team, and trust.
  • Choose Shiloh Adventures for your next team building event center in the heart of OKC.

Explore the beautiful sights and sounds of the great outdoors while bonding with your coworkers at Shiloh Adventures. We are proud to offer a wide variety of curated team building activities that allows you and your group to connect and have a blast together. Team building activities at Shiloh Adventures is a fantastic way to help your team improve communication and problem solving skills.  

What Is Team Building

Team building is a process aimed at enhancing collaboration, communication, and camaraderie among individuals within a group. It involves various activities and exercises designed to foster trust, unity, and synergy among team members. Examples of team building activities include problem-solving challenges, outdoor adventures like ropes courses or scavenger hunts, team sports, group discussions, and workshops focused on improving interpersonal skills. By engaging in such activities, teams can develop stronger bonds, improve morale, and ultimately enhance their ability to work together effectively towards common goals. Team building can be done in a variety of ways. 

Why Is Team Building Important

Each type of team building activity works to improve the connection between employees. The ultimate goal is to help your employees become more comfortable sharing ideas and solving complex problems together as a group. This leads to a more productive workplace and healthy professional interconnectivity. Without team building, a work group could grow compartmentalized and too much emphasis might be put on individual efforts. Your employees could miss out on valuable opportunities to work together on projects, and diminish overall productivity. Participating in team building activities is not only beneficial to making your team more efficient and productive, but it’s also loads of fun!

Goals Of Team Building Activities

The overall goal of team building activities is to garner interconnectivity between workers in your group. These activities will encourage them to work together to solve problems, all while  enjoying themselves. 

  1. Improved Team Communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects of an effective work group. Sharing ideas, feedback, and constructive criticism allows for everyone to get better at what they do. Improper communication can lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and big mistakes that will hurt your overall productivity and leave people unhappy. Putting your employees in a team building exercise designed to improve communication will give them a safe space to be honest with each other, and work through the activity together.

Communication Activities At Shiloh Adventures

Shiloh Adventures recognizes the importance of improving communication through team building activities. The Low Ropes Courses are some of many different activities that allow your group to engage in a fun and exciting set of challenges that put your employees’ teamwork to the test.  

  1. Critical Thinking & Decision Making

When your team can put their heads together and solve difficult problems, it often leads to more reliable outcomes in the workplace. Groups that can properly assess and create solutions to complex issues will be able to adapt to tumultuous environments and will reach their goals successfully.

Decision Making Activities At Shiloh Adventures

The outdoor team building activities at Shiloh Adventures are perfect for facilitating decision making and critical thinking as a team. Our climbing wall puts partners through a challenging array of decisions that help them connect and work through difficult situations. 

  1. Team Problem Solving

Solving problems as a team is the secret to a successful and productive workplace. Your team works best when they have confidence in each other to properly analyze issues and work together to make informed decisions on how to solve the problems. Team building activities serve as an entertaining way for your team to learn how to put their heads together and solve problems. If your team can grow comfortable solving simple problems, they will more easily be able to tackle complex issues. 

Problem Solving Activities At Shiloh Adventures

All of the outdoor activities at Shiloh Adventures help your team solve problems together. We offer tons of outdoor activities like the Zipline and Faith Pole that are designed to help your team grow their problem solving abilities. Shiloh Adventures offers plenty of exciting outdoor team building activities for your team to improve their group problem solving skills. 

  1. Trust Building Within Team

Trust is the foundation of healthy teamwork and communication in your workplace. Your employees need to trust each other to be able to engage in problem solving and overcome obstacles as a team. 

Trust Building Activities At Shiloh Adventures

What better way to build trust than with a leap of faith at Shiloh Adventures?! Climb up 30ft and take the exciting leap. We also offer a high ropes course that challenges two partners to help each other navigate through the thrilling course. Building trust will be easy and fun at the same time with our outdoor team building activities. 

Choose Shiloh Adventures For Team Building Activities

Team building activities are a major part of a successful team. They can be a great way to enhance team communication, trust, and problem solving all while everyone has a lot of fun! If you think your team could benefit from a wide array of outdoor team building activities, then look no further than Shiloh Adventures. We offer a collection of fun and challenging activities that will bring your team together.  

Looking to help your team become stronger? Check out the team building exercises provided by Shiloh Adventures in OKC. Our outdoor adventure course is packed full of activities that are designed to be fun and foster team building. Our camp leaders have helped build stronger teams of all types from corporate companies to local youth groups. Team building doesn’t happen by accident and we are happy to provide a fun space for the team building you need. Give us a call today to learn more about how Shiloh Adventures can strengthen your team.

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