Ziplines, Adventures, Oh MY!

Experience the thrill of high adventure activities on the state-of-the-art Shiloh ropes course. 

Event venues are places where a special occasion or event can be held and are specially designed spaces that range in size.

Zip Line

Ready?! Set?! ZIP! This zip line gives you the option to zip solo or with up to three of your best friends. Hold on tight as you experience the rush of flying 300 feet through the air.

Event Venues can range from large and elegant ballrooms to small and convenient meeting spaces, typically whatever you need.

Faith Pole

The only way is up and the sky is the limit. Climb the 30 ft pole and reach new heights when you take the Leap of Faith!

All event venues are known for flexibility, accommodating a wide range of events from corporate events to family reunions.

Climbing Wall

Get your Kung Fu Grip and climb on! The Climbing Wall boasts of grips and obstacles all the way to the top. With our 2 different walls at 25 feet and 40 feet, there’s a challenge for everyone. The 40 foot Climbing Wall features a variety of holds and volumes to challenge all experience levels.

Renting an impressive venue sends a positive message to your guests that your event is well coordinated and worth attending.


The U-Course is a partner course for experienced Adventurers. On this element, each person will face the various challenges of the course with the support of a partner. With a series of 6 elements 35 feet off the ground, the U-Course is designed to test the limits of even the most skilled Adventurers.

Having close proximity to major roads, highways, and public transportation should be a factor when choosing your event venue.

Low Ropes

The low ropes course consists of a variety of team building activities. Facilitators will tailor a unique program incorporating these elements and various challenges to create the outcomes you wish for your team, including team-building, communication, conflict resolution, and leadership development.